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Should you include custom animation and/or multimedia?

A clean, easy to follow layout is integral to your visitor enjoying your site.  Add a little animation, perhaps some custom sound effects or even a video presentation and you've transform their experience.

Instead of feeling like they just visited the library your guests could feel like they just came from the movies.
Now that gets word-of-mouth advertising and repeat visitors.

Internet Video ....

Motion and sound.

  • Demonstrations.
  • Speak directly to the visitor
  • Progressive or Streaming

This short video is a visual and audible reminder that a proper advertising campaign puts money back into your business.

Static or Animated Artwork....

Sometimes simple is best. Under the right conditions, a beautifully crafted image (far left) says it all. However, program a little animation and you're sure to draw the visitor's attention where you want it.


Another example of Static verses Animated images.  


Here is an example of an interactive add we designed for a specialty lighting client.  Click above on the words "Borderbrite" or "Letterbrite" to watch the animation.  

"The only web site enhancements that would be right for your busines are the ones your customer base is looking for.  If they don't see it, they won't be coming back."

If your clients simply desire a place where they can get a "quick read" of your services then you probably don't need animation or video.  However, a short video, properly scripted and edited, not only educates them about your product but impresses on the visitor why you are the right choice for their business.

Including a little Animation, Sound and Video....

  • adds "sparkle" to a static page.
  • lets you speak directly to the visitor.
  • gets your client interacting with your web site; developing interest.
  • creates the most powerful impression next to a personal meeting
  • improves the number of repeat visitors

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