BlackSalt Productions

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"...1300 people attended the performance...amazed us...made us laugh...the 2 hours flew by like minutes...the entire crowd kept to their seats amazed!"

Centennial Celebration
Saskatchewan, Canada

"Great laughs without the embarrassment!"

Stage hypnosis done right.  The laughs come fast and furious without sacrificing the integrity or safety of the participants.  

A true "theatrical experience" featuring props, great music and professionally written material; not just a show but an event your guests will remember for the laughter and fun.

Here is a highly professional show suitable for every audience; nothing offensive, guaranteed.  However, we would like to offer a few suggestions for those looking to book a hypnosis performance:
  • Know your audience .... can they relax with each other?
  • Will at least 24 people freely volunteer?
  • We recommend audience sizes of 150 people or more in a corporate setting.

BlackSalt & Brenda Q's Theatrical Hypnosis Show Features:

  • 90 or 120 minute run times.
  • Magic and Hypnosis combinations.
  • May include an intermission
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