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Learn to Recall:

  • Names
  • Terminology
  • Details
  • Systematic Steps
  • Reports
  • Speeches
  • Order Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Jokes

"We have recently wrapped up our conference evaluations and I am pleased to tell you that your session received outstanding reviews."

President - APWA


Can’t remember where you put your confidence?

We can help...

“Awaken the Elephant” - memory training that is both practical and
entertaining.  An interactive seminar that expose the truth about general forgetfulness and teaches effective, real world memory strategies


The Ultimate Confidence Booster...'re in the produce section of your local grocery store.

Suddenly, you come face to face with an important client You extend your hand, greet them and their spouse by name, recall dates that are important to the client (birthdays, anniversary etc.) as well as the details of your most recent business together? How good would that make you feel?  How special would that make your client feel?

Expand your confidence and remove the mental blocks of forgetfulness.
Learn practical, effective, easy to implement strategies guaranteed to help

  • remember the names of everyone at your meeting.
  • recall important numbers (phone, dates, product specifications).
  • recollect the important facts from training manuals.
  • remember terminology and details from your meeting.
  • retell that joke you heard last night.

Expose the truth about forgetfulness...

The first session (60 to 75 minutes) exposes the myth of forgetfulness. You discover effective learning skills that make it second nature to remember a variety of facts; numbers, report details, speeches and jokes. You will amaze yourself at your inherent ability to recall lists of actions or unrelated bits of knowledge. There are even strategies for learning a second language.

The seminar concludes with BlackSalt demonstrating several of the techniques at once under impossible conditions; illustrating the power of the strategies taught.

By any other name...

The second seminar (60 minutes) briefly recaps the techniques taught in the first seminar and applies them and other specific strategies to the art of remembering names; short and long term.

“The session was entertaining, informative and extremely professional ... the perfect way to kick off the conference.”

Mr. Terry Ream, CPWS
President - APWA, Alberta Chapter
(300 members attended the session)

If you can say, “Nobody can ever call me forgetful”, you can remember this serial number; 2917284753847185.

We'll  show  you  how!

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