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BlackSalt & Brenda Q

Michael is a professionally trained actor and award winning magician. He formed BlackSalt Productions in 1985 offering the corporate market an exciting alternative to bands, comedians and technical speakers.

Brenda is an artist, model and television extra. She joined Michael as “the girl who floats on air” and soon took the stage as a performer in her own rite. She captivates the audience with charm and grace while appearing to read their every thought.

By 1992 they produced their acclaimed Theatrical Hypnosis program.  In keeping with their reputation, the hypnosis show has always been suitable for a wide demographic audience, clean and extremely funny.

BlackSalt and Brenda Q are the stars of 15 episodes of magic; broadcast on CTV affiliates. They annually headline a multitude of corporate functions across Canada.

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BlackSalt & Brenda Q's mandate:

"Set the standard for sophisticated, Canadian variety

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