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On Stage or Close-Up and Personal

You will delight in hearing your guests say, "WOW!" ... "Amazing" ... "I never laughed so hard!" ... "Incredible" ... "I'm totally impressed!" ... "So what are you going to do to TOP this next year?"...  Learn more...

  • Comedy, Illusion and the 6th Sense

    Join us on a "Vacation for the MIND!"

    An engaging, hilarious and downright mystifying look at the wonders and the pitfalls of possessing a sixth sense.

    Now, we don't claim to be psychics ... but we predict you'll wish you could ask us about your future (or those missing keys).

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  • Theatrical Hypnosis

    Your audience won't be "getting sleepy"! Our Hypnosis programs are theatrical events; featuring great scripting, memorable props, incredible music and laugh out loud excitement!

    Hypnosis shows produced the way they should be; engaging your audience while the volunteers shine as SUPERSTARS!

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  • About BlackSalt & Brenda Q

    Michael (BlackSalt) is a professionally trained, award winning performer and Theatrical Hypnotist. Brenda Q is an Artist, Model and Television Actress.

    They annually highlight corporate events right across Canada. Their engagements include Television Specials and Cruise Ships in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

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  • Cost and Availability

    Take a moment to fill out our simple request form. This will allow us to check our availability and send you a quote on the cost of a performance.

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    Or...feel free to call us direct... we're nice to talk too... honest!


  • Video Clips and Print

    Follow this link to video clips of our work and documents available for you to print and take to your committee meeting.

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